Society Hill Snacks’ origins date back to the 1950’s when an old Venezuelan recipe was used to create an exceptional line of mouthwatering sweet nuts. The company was formed at that time to create these tasty morsels. Flash forward to today and we still use the original recipes and rotating copper kettles to produce our award-winning nuts. As the demand for our products has grown over the years, so too, has our production facility. We currently operate out of a modern facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We roast nuts, though, today, in the same old-fashioned way they were roasted in the 50’s, under the watchful eye of master nut roasters who ensure that each batch is roasted to perfection.

In addition, we are dedicated to creating and producing a unique, premium line of snack mixes which delight the taste buds. We carefully blend each mix using ingredients of exceptional quality and taste.

A commitment to satisfying each and every customer keeps our dedicated production team working hard to ensure that every item we produce meets our rigorous quality standards. The result is an outstanding array of irresistible edibles…fun food that makes you want to munch.