Our mouthwatering Asian snacks have been carefully selected to appeal to those with a flair for the exotic.

A taste sensation with a kick – that’s what
Wasabi Peas deliver big time! Wasabi, a Japanese horseradish, lends an Asian flavor to these crunchy peas. Once you try them, you can’t stop eating this savory crowd pleaser. If you like Wasabi Peas, you’ll love Wasabi Soynuts.

Wasabi enrobes every morsel of our
Wasabi Peanuts. Careful, they’re quite hot!!!

A hint of the Orient is in every bite of
Cravin’ Asian mix. Savory Asian rice crackers sprinkled with Wasabi Peas, sesame sticks, Très Toffee Peanuts and more make this item one of our most popular.