Heavenly is the only way to describe our sweet roasted nuts. Roasted daily on our premises, these nuts are truly delectable.
Cinnful Coco Pecans get their rich, decadent flavor from being bathed in Dutch cocoa and cinnamon as they are roasted, making them taste truly sinful!
Crunchy nuts are coated in a clear cocoa glaze as they are roasted to perfection to create our
Loco Coco Almonds and Peanuts. They are a taste sensation not to be missed and they are always a holiday favorite.
Tropical Honey Glacé Cashews and Peanuts are swirled in tropical honey as they are roasted over open flames. You’ll savor every morsel of these tasty gems.
Nicely Spiced Peanuts and Almonds are sweet with a hint of heat and have a wonderfully complex flavor. Everyone who tastes these tantalizing, sweet treats craves more. They are roasted then lightly dusted with a special Indian inspired spice blend consisting of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cumin, coriander, black pepper, jalapeno, cayenne and more.