Each of our mixes has been painstakingly developed to deliver a great taste in every bite. They are carefully blended in small batches to ensure optimum freshness and contain only the finest ingredients.
Hot Stuff is a fun, hot combo. It blends flavors and heat from around the world by combining Cajun hot sticks, Indian inspired Nicely Spiced Peanuts, Asian Wasabi Peas and more. Be adventuresome. You won’t be sorry. This one is medium hot.
Love That is a hit with everyone. When you see what’s in it, you’ll know why. It’s loaded with Très Toffee Almonds and Peanuts, Loco Coco Peanuts, chocolate buttons, raisins, cashews and more. This addictive, sweet combo pleases young and old alike.
Berry Good, our jewel-like fruit and nut mix is loaded with dried cranberries, apricots, pineapple, raisins, nuts and seeds. It looks like a beauty and tastes like a dream.
Party Hearty is a sweet and savory delight that makes you want to party. This mix is a blend of Très Toffee Peanuts, honey roasted sesame chips, roasted peanuts and savory, crunchy Flax Chips. It’s hard to stop munching after one taste!
High Society is a savory blend that tastes great with cocktails or without. It’s chock full of fresh roasted peanuts, Smoked Almonds, cheddar cheese and roasted pepper sticks, cashews, pepitas and more.